March 2008

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Apples are like oranges

“It’s like comparing apples to oranges!” This phrase has lost its impact on me ever since I realized… They’re both fruit… They both have seeds, both are dicots (two cotyledons), both have a skin that can be peeled, both sweet, both grow on trees (tomatoes are a fruit that grow on a vine, btw) etc. […]

Please feel free to remain in your cage

Are we free? I say “yes” and “no” – we are both free & not free. I think most of us choose to become caged, trapped, ensnared, attached, or shackled to “something”. Then we choose to remain that way. And if we get out, we choose to return to our cage. Why? Because we choose […]

Not a new point of view

I’m thinking about an idea that is not new, probably, but that is new to me. I know it’s not new because I can think about it in terms of ideas that I have heard of before. I know the idea is not original, but I think the idea can be framed in a way […]

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