April 2008

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The toaster that pretended it wasn’t a toaster

I am a machine pretending to be more than that. I see that my life thus far has consisted of seeking input via output — output X in hopes to receive input Y. Isn’t that all of life? Are we not motivated by desire for psychological & physiological stimulation. I want to see what I […]

Possibility of Being Reliable

In the area of work, I have been being self-absorbed which is completely inauthentic in the context of what I’m committed to in life. The impact on others of me being self-absorbed has been disappointment, upset (unmet expectations), loss of workability, loss of productivity, loss of power. The payoff has been being looking good accomplishing […]

Zero is lacking

One problem with representing the concept of zero is that the representation “0” has a line that divides a two-dimensional space – one might say – inside from outside. Whereas the real thing, zero itself, has nothing to divide. It is empty. Null. Void. To draw “0” is to create a space and a context […]

(this is not a title)

An awareness arose: all that I am is, to a large extent if not completely, that which is the Ultimate Creative Power in the Universe. And if that is is what I am, so too must all other be. When there is nothing to do but to be, there is still choice: to be bored, […]

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