January 2011

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Too Lazy to Differentiate

I’m reading a publication about a data distribution system which proposes, to its advantage, to regionally segregate data servers by average user demographics in the region. It occurs to me that the reason for segregating people by race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. is not because there’s an innate need to differentiate, but because […]

Duality squared

Duality squared

Physicists tend to assign meaning to equations.  Deeper meaning like “ means that mass and energy are equivalent” You recognize Einsteins famous equation, and have maybe heard a physicist make this comparison. Continuing, adding the momentum term (and switching to units wherein c=1):     This relativistic equation represents a huge leap forward in understanding […]

AI Life

What would be required for artificial life? I think Life itself would be required. What is Life like? If a machine were to be alive, it would be able to chose. Typically, machines have rules on how data in memory locations may interact. Not every memory location my interact with every other memory location in […]

A Binary Brain/Mind Model

How much control do we have over our thoughts?   We’ve all had moments of creation, and invention.  But a good portion of our time is spent passively monitoring our thoughts.  As we passively listen to our thoughts, we can apply some filter (or not).  Well, what if the only choice we had to filter […]

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