Here’s Mote in Your Eye!

Why do I criticize the saw dust in my brother’s eye while there is a plank in mine? I ask myself this question, a version of another question from some famous person. This question came to me while I was reflecting upon a recent interaction with a friend of mine. I threw this friend under the bus […]

Too Lazy to Differentiate

I’m reading a publication about a data distribution system which proposes, to its advantage, to regionally segregate data servers by average user demographics in the region. It occurs to me that the reason for segregating people by race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc. is not because there’s an innate need to differentiate, but because […]

You seem mad because of something I seem to have done. Let me seem otherwise for you! Awesome!

My dad used to hit me when it seemed like he was mad at me. He seemed mad at me when I seemed to do something that seemed like it was disrespectful. I think disrespect threatened him – as if he couldn’t be in control if he couldn’t appear to be in control. He seems […]

Passive Agression

If you look, you’ll find that the world around us is a reflection of the world inside us. Today, I saw my passive aggression showing up in others. The following shows up for me in coworkers and therefore must be part of my inner world: withdrawing attention, countenance, and eye contact being aloof communicating to […]

Planning to Fail

It is said that “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. I’ve heard that many times, and now I hear it newly from a new point of view. If the saying is true, then I am indeed mostly planning to fail. A typical plan for me is “start doing something and see […]

Torture & Suffering

This morning on the bus to work I saw how I decided that my father’s punishment was torture and that, furthermore, I was going to torture him when I got older. Except I’ve been torturing not just my dad, but everybody and anybody that I can torture. I give myself to someone, then I take […]

The toaster that pretended it wasn’t a toaster

I am a machine pretending to be more than that. I see that my life thus far has consisted of seeking input via output — output X in hopes to receive input Y. Isn’t that all of life? Are we not motivated by desire for psychological & physiological stimulation. I want to see what I […]

Possibility of Being Reliable

In the area of work, I have been being self-absorbed which is completely inauthentic in the context of what I’m committed to in life. The impact on others of me being self-absorbed has been disappointment, upset (unmet expectations), loss of workability, loss of productivity, loss of power. The payoff has been being looking good accomplishing […]

Please feel free to remain in your cage

Are we free? I say “yes” and “no” – we are both free & not free. I think most of us choose to become caged, trapped, ensnared, attached, or shackled to “something”. Then we choose to remain that way. And if we get out, we choose to return to our cage. Why? Because we choose […]

Not a new point of view

I’m thinking about an idea that is not new, probably, but that is new to me. I know it’s not new because I can think about it in terms of ideas that I have heard of before. I know the idea is not original, but I think the idea can be framed in a way […]

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