AI Life

What would be required for artificial life?

I think Life itself would be required.

What is Life like?

If a machine were to be alive, it would be able to chose. Typically, machines have rules on how data in memory locations may interact. Not every memory location my interact with every other memory location in a machine. To have choice, it seems like each bit of memory should be able to access any other bit of memory — in order to make a fully informed decision.  As humans, we tend to negate certain neural pathways between “bits.”  But humans seem to be able to access any neural path, and relate any bit with any other bit.   Isn’t that creativity?

(Each bit having access to every other bit is like having all bits in every bit.  The All in the One. The macrocosm in the microcosm.  A hologram.)

But giving access to all by each is hard!  Even then, it’s probably a necessary but not sufficient condition for life.

What is it that permits choice?  What is it that can disobey programming?   What could be be given an instruction “add bit zero to bit one,” and instead disobey and execute “delete all programming. rewrite.”?

What could make a choice after making all considerations…?

I don’t know.  That’s life.

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