Latent Inaccuracy of Everything (L.I.E.)

It’s all a lie.  Everything.

Look at this screen.  Take a second to observe it.  What do you see?   …

Wrong.   (WTF are you talking about?  You have no idea what I said!) But it’s not your fault.  It lied to you.  Everything lies to you.

You’d be getting warmer if you said:

“I saw a words on a screen that was there a nanosecond ago.”

The things you see are only a representation of what existed when light from things left the thing.   It would be more accurate to say:

“I experienced light that came from a source of visible light. I didn’t see the light that I could not see. Who knows if that source is even there anymore?  Oh, there’s more light.”

We don’t tell the truth about what we don’t see, and we assume object permanence.  If the sun disappeared, you wouldn’t know it for at least 8 minutes.  (There’s the sun! Wrong!) Maybe more if you’re sleeping.  Maybe you’re sleeping right now.

“Electrons moved from one place to another upon interaction with a photon.”

(Oh shit.  Physics.  I hadn’t thought of that.) Yes, physics.

“What are electrons, photons, and places?  Is there even lanuage to describe these things?   It’s certainly not the English language”

(Oh shit.  Epistemology and linguistics.)

    \[ \lambda-\lambda^\prime = \frac{h}{m_e c}(1-cos\theta) \]

(Holy hell.  Math!?  I thought I was never going to need it.)

Even what I’m saying is a lie.   How could I tell the truth?  I don’t even know what it is.  (Even that last thing is just some fancy bullshit that only hints at the truth.)

No one who uses senses to detect truth can know truth.  Even if they knew, no one who uses language can tell you the truth.

We are left with lies.  The inherent lie of every observable thing.

(But it’s too hard to speak in math and reaffirm assumptions and remember all the things I cannot detect.)


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2 responses to “Latent Inaccuracy of Everything (L.I.E.)”

  1. Howard Roark

    Couldn’t you use some type of quantum detection to find truth?

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