Mother Lode for “Meteorite Men”

Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Meteorite Men.”  Maybe I just see what I want too see (that’s called “confirmation bias”, Kids!).   And, like the title of this blog implies, maybe I’m just taking (too much?) creative license with this data from Google Earth.

Scientists say that a giant meteorite, or asteroid, struck the ancient Caribbean Sea.  See a video explanation here. Can we still see the effect of the impact?  Maybe.  Take a look at some of these images & decide for yourself.

I’ve drawn lines on the map where I see patterns of light & dark.  I’ve drawn lines in the Atlantic that resemble the boring, old, well-known patterns arising from the motion of tectonic plates.   I’ve also drawn lines on the sea floor beneath the Caribbean sea.

This is what I see:

  • semi-circular blast pattern from the upheaval of the sea floor
  • Ripples in the blast pattern – like ripples the surface of a pond, except it’s the the sea floor that ripples, not (just) the sea itself.
  • Interference effects from shock waves rebounding off materials of various densities
  • A strewn field in the region between the island of Hispaniola and the northern tip of South America

The proof is in the pudding.  I call on the Meteorite Men! Please go dig on the sea floor of the Caribbean and find some meteorites.  If you find anything, I call dibs!  (Or just take me with you!  612-555-2994 Call me!)  Use the topological features to point you toward the most likely region to find chunks of iron that fell from the sky!

It would be The Mother of all Mother Lodes!

(This all rests on, at least, the assumption that these images reflect actual features on the sea floor!)

Ripples on water

Ripples on water

Interference effects

Interference effects








Splash & Strewn Field on the Sea Floor
Possible indications of waves, wave interference, and a strewn field on the sea floor as a result of a meteor impact.


Meteor Landing Site in the Carribbean?
For reference without markup.


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