Here’s Mote in Your Eye!

Why do I criticize the saw dust in my brother’s eye while there is a plank in mine? I ask myself this question, a version of another question from some famous person.

This question came to me while I was reflecting upon a recent interaction with a friend of mine. I threw this friend under the bus to get attention from someone else. It’s not the first time I’ve done this to someone. They’re always left feeling (from what I can tell) confused, reeling, ticked.

Someone at work does that to me, and I rant and rave about what an asshole that person is. I have an awesome case built up against my coworker, yet I haven’t even criticized myself for my own behavior… until now.

Ego defense mechanisms are a powerful drug. They’ll have you seeing motes a mile away while you’re blindfolded.

Thank you, Coworker, for taking on your role with such courage and virtuosity that I would come to hate you … and now love you.

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