Kite-Power Project

I’m part of a team designing a prototype to generate electrical power using a kite and the effects of the polar jet stream.  I’m building the generator portion while others are designing the wing.  My first design used a lever arm to turn the motor.  (Since then, I’ve realized that this design had some huge inefficiencies that could be overcome with another design)  We have $0 in start up funds.  So, I found a free electric lawn mower on craigslist, attached a ratcheting wrench to the motor’s axle, duct taped some PVC pipe on to the ratchet to form a lever arm, and inserted my ballasted tether into the pipe.

4µW.  Watch.

Wind turbines are noisy!

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About Me

  • Ph.D. in Elementary Particle Physics, University of Minnesota
  • B.S. in Engineering Physics, University of Illinois


  • Interactive  Art Parties
  • Woodworking
  • Prototyping
  • Home Improvement / Real Estate
  • Developing new food recipes
  • Meditation
  • Photography (Blackberry Tour 3.2MP)


  • Transactional Analysis
  • American Sign Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Etymology

Some Highlights

  • M.V.P., Lacrosse Club, University of Illinois
  • Dodging 3 roman candle fireballs before getting hit and catching on fire
  • Hitting target objective in forehead during bottle rocket war
  • 9 consecutive hacky sack jesters, 2 consecutive pendulums
  • Break dance talent show
  • Getting married to Heidi DeCoux

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